My name is Wei Er, and I thrive to deliver an exceptional full serviced real estate experience with detailed information to ensure your goals are met, whether you are purchasing or selling your home in beautiful Oregon. Born in Shanghai China and grew up in Quebec, Canada, I had an incredible opportunity to learn different cultures and languages at a very early age: fluent in English, French, and Chinese allow me to navigate & explore the international business world with ease across various industries such as engineering, finance, marketing, cinematography, building materials, consulting, action sports etc. I quickly realized most business solutions are based upon trust and sometimes bringing different cultures together become even more dependable onto this. Being a "somewhat Nomad" for more than half of my life taught me the important balance between finding a home and chasing after a lifestyle. Back in 2003, I was working as a translator for an Asian family relocating their business and life to Montreal and though it almost took them 2 years to find the perfect home to nest their new life in Canada, I enjoyed every single aspect of this real estate experience and treated if it was my deal. Ever since, I've been helping multiple families and professionals relocating around the world and Real Estate quickly became the perfect keystone and the center of my passion.